Shopping for Stone Cabinet Hardware

Stone cabinet hardware is quickly becoming a popular solution for cabinet and drawer handles and pulls. Traditionally, cabinet hardware has been made of metal, plastic, or glass, but stone creates a very unique and long-lasting look. Stone lasts as long as and is as durable as metal, plus it offers the unique characteristics and colors that glass and plastic do. Stone cabinet hardware matches perfectly with granite countertops or just about any modern décor you are looking to complete. With all of the choices involved in selecting stone cabinet hardware, sometimes it can be difficult deciding which pieces will look the best in your kitchen. Here are some stylistic reminders to think about as you make your selections.


One of the main reasons people choose stone cabinet hardware is because of the style it invokes. While stone itself is very natural, it is also possible to be more or less natural with the style of the stone cabinet hardware. For example, knobs that are a simple polished stone are more natural than highly stylized marble or granite handles. On the other hand, people who really want a polished and formal look will appreciate chiseled marble or granite rather than a natural stone knob. It all boils down to personal preference and the style you are trying to show off.

The style of your stone cabinet hardware should match your personality as well as the rest of the room it is in. Rustic cabinets will pair better with a natural stone knob, while highly contemporary cabinets with smooth finishes and sleek lines will pair better with granite or stone handles, especially if the countertops are also granite.


The size of the stone cabinet hardware is also very important. While most stone pieces are rather small, when you start looking at stone knobs, you will see that some of the stones may be rather large. Also they are all different shapes, so the natural look continues. Just be careful that you do not get too carried away with that natural look. This can cause you to choose stone knobs that are just too large for the cabinets that they will go on. Remember to think about the size of the cabinets and the drawers and try to keep the size of the knob within the size of the trim around the outside of the door’s face.

Quality and Price

Stone cabinet hardware is typically more expensive than other types of hardware because the stone is rarer. The price goes up as the rarity of the type of stone increases. Granite stone cabinet hardware will cost more than polished river stones, and cut pieces of marble will cost quite a bit more than many other types of stone. Just remember to look at the stone very carefully before purchasing. True stone cabinet hardware will be rather heavy, so beware of elegant-looking fakes that are not real stone. They are typically made of plastic or acrylic, which is a lot lighter than true stone.

Another thing to check out in terms of quality is how the stone attaches to the rest of the hardware. For example, a stone piece that is all one piece and made completely out of stone may be of a higher quality than a piece of stone that is attached to a piece of metal. However, if you are looking at stone attached to metal, then make sure to feel the metal part of the hardware. If it is heavy also, then it is definitely a very high quality piece. Also look at how the metal attaches to the stone. If it looks or feels like it will come loose soon, then just avoid it.

Bronze Cabinet Hardware is an Ideal Home Investment

Bronze is an extremely popular material used in cabinet hardware. With its durability and resilience to harsh conditions, bronze is one type of material that many manufacturers rely on. The metal alloy has long been used as a main element in the production of furniture. It even goes back to the days when the Romans found practical use for it and made it a key component in the creation of weapons. In recent times, bronze is used in the art world to build statues and sculptures of well-known figures. Another quality that the material has is unique shine it possesses, which gives it a glossy and polished look.

These characteristics make bronze a good choice for home decor. Apart from its durability, the material can also lend a distinct look to furnishings, making it an ideal choice in terms of interior decoration. Cabinet hardware made from bronze are likewise resistant to rust, and therefore, will endure longer than most other elements. These days, there are a variety of bronze cabinet components that can be obtained from the internet as well as in traditional home furnishings stores. On the whole, finding cabinet pieces that will complement the existing look in a home can be simple by following a few simple steps.

When buying cabinet hardware of any type, there are several points to bear in mind. A homeowner has the choice to stay on a budget or pick the pricier ones. Sometimes though, there are suppliers that can offer superior quality pieces at affordable prices. Prior to making a purchase, determine the kind of hardware that will fit the room it will be mounted in. After that, come up with a theme or motif for the area, preferably one that can complement the existing decor, or highlight it. Make a list of the hardware items needed to be installed in the room, the quantity of each and the sizes.

When the rudimentary details are determined, take a picture of the entire room and its features and bring the photograph along when searching for the needed hardware. This can be helpful in the selection process as it can be an accurate guide in picking out from a sea of designs and styles. When visiting shops, ask for assistance in coming up with the most suitable pieces for the room. If shopping online, refine the search to include only the relevant sites for bronze cabinet hardware. Doing this will make obtaining appropriate hardware a whole lot easier.

Decorative Cabinet Hardware

Today, people are becoming more conscious about the homes in which they live. Since your furniture and your house tell a lot about your personality, people are careful to select the right kind of items. They want to use the most artistic and decorative pieces, even for utilitarian purposes.

Cabinet hardware, though basic, is an important piece of your cabinet. It has to match with the type of cabinets you have so that it enhances the beauty of the entire piece. Beautiful cabinet hardware has been a choice of many people, and today there is a wide range of artistic hardware available on the market. The range varies in terms of color, finish and style, so you can find pieces to complement whatever type of cabinet you have.

A collection of artistic hardware includes cabinet door knobs and pulls, decorative bath accessories (towel bars, towel rings, robe hooks and soap dishes), house numbers, doorknockers and doorbell buttons, and switch plates.

Different styles of doors, drawer pulls, and appliances are made with a variety of materials and shapes which are difficult to resist. This decorative hardware can change the entire look of the furniture or cabinet. People have great interest in matching this hardware with other pieces in the house. The market today is cashing on this increasing demand and everyday there is a new type of decorative piece available in the market.

Manufacturers and suppliers are using new techniques to create unique products. Today, you can find a complete set of cabinet hardware on the market. Be it doorknobs, drawer pulls, handles, hooks, towel bars, switch-plate covers, or tiles, there is wide range available which makes it difficult to select the best one for you. Though there are certain items which are expensive, there is something to suit anybody?s budget.

Steel Cabinet Hardware

Thinking of getting new hardware for your cabinets? Before you finalize your decision on what type of cabinet hardware you want to purchase, bear the following in mind:

(1) Make sure you know what type of style you want. Handles and knobs are made of steel, nickel, brass and other materials. Shop around and find out what you like more.

(2) What type of hardware are you looking for? Are you looking for a knob, a pull or a handle? Do you want variations?

(3) Before going to the store, check just how many pieces you exactly need. Buy one or two additional pieces as a safety measure. You would not want to be at home installing your knob or handle and then find out that you need one more piece.

(4) If you are simply making replacements and not making a new cabinet, be sure to get accessories that are compatible with the existing holes. You would not want to go through the frustrating process of having to drill new holes or simply to enlarge the existing ones. It would be even worse if the existing holes are larger than the screws of the new hardware.

(5) Ask for some tips from the people at the hardware store. Most would be glad to help you out.

If you are not very experienced in redecorating your cabinets, a safe way to go is to purchase steel cabinet hardware. Cabinet hardware that is made from steel is easy to maintain. It is usually stainless, so you do not have to worry about wearing them out. Steel tends to be tougher than brass. It can last longer and still have that nice clean look to it. If you have no desire to purchase designs that are too elegant, there is also a lot of steel cabinet hardware that is very simple, yet beautiful.

Cabinet Hardware – What’s So Hard About Working With It?

Remodeling kitchens often involves upgrading kitchen cabinets. Don’t overlook an important, although small, feature that will really give your new kitchen cabinets a finished look – the hardware.

Cabinet door hardware is a necessary item when installing kitchen cabinets, but more than being just necessary, it can also be very decorative. And after all, as long as it is being done anyway, shouldn’t it look as nice as it possibly can?

There are several types of cabinet hardware available. Hinges, door pulls, door knobs, and drawer pulls are the items that can be readily seen and can add that decorative touch when installed.

Keeping in mind your overall theme for the room, you have many choices in color and design of cabinet door hardware. Black, gold, silver and pewter are common colors for cabinet hardware although many other colors like blue and white are available for more colorful choices. Designs are even more varied, from plain and unobtrusive to ornamental and showy. With some careful consideration, you can choose hardware including hinges, pulls or knobs for both doors and drawers that will match each other and be complementary to your kitchen cabinets.

Let’s start with hinges. The hinges on your cabinet doors can be invisible if you wish, or seen in part by using half surface hinges. The type of hinge you choose may depend in large part on the type of cabinet doors that are being installed. For wood doors, the choices of hinge are many. Strap hinges, dummy hinges, butterfly and colonial hinges are just a few options that will make your search interesting.

Door pulls and drawer pulls bring a bit more of your creativity into the selection. Do you have a theme in your kitchen? Or do you have a passion for a particular item or design? Door pulls and drawer pulls are one area where you can bring a truly personalized look to your kitchen cabinet hardware. For a rustic cabin look, choose pulls that look like twigs or evergreen trees; or maybe you’d like to bring moose, wolves, or bears into the kitchen for a touch of wildlife décor. Celtic, shaker, and California styles add different looks that can accent the style throughout your room. Maybe you wish to stay in a kitchen minded theme, and want to add door pulls and drawer pulls resembling silverware or teapots.

Door knobs are the truly fun part of choosing new cabinet hardware for your home. With designs and patterns that will truly exhibit your personality and tastes, door knobs are extremely visible and of high use on your kitchen cabinets. Coordinating with your overall theme in the kitchen, your possibilities are seemingly endless, with countless choices of food, animals, objects, shapes, and designs at your disposal. Simply choose your style, and have fun!!

Decorating with cabinet hardware is not limited to your kitchen. Every room in your home has some type of cabinet, and every room may have a theme or design that you can carry through to display on the cabinets. Use cabinet hardware to add a finished look to the cabinets in every room of your home.